Introduction: Edisson Chandelier

Hello There, here is a nice DIY to use recycling a peace of wood that you have somewhere at home :)

The Idea of this DIY began when I saw an edisson bulb, i was like ' Oh yes I want this At home ', I dind'nt have a Plafonnier at home, except a Moroccan handy craft that didn't feet the Modern Deco that I have. So searching on Youtube, instructables, pinterest, I end up with the idea of recycling an old Shelf and custumizing it.

So Here you go :), I hope that I'll not miss a step, but anyway feel free to ask me for details .

Step 1: Wiring Electrical Cables With Sockets

This step is about wiring the socket of our Edisson lamps

Step 2: Wiring the Part That Goes With the Cables of the Roof

This Step is about the top part of our Chandelier.

Step 3: The Hanging of My Chandelier

This step is about the Hanging part of my Chandelier.

I used a chain and a ring for hanging the structure, hooks of rods were already in my shelf, so in order to Reuse/Recycle I thought it would work perfect for my hanging part .

Step 4: Painting My Starry Sky

This step shows you how i painted my starry Sky, The idea was after a long reflexion of letting the materiel brut or painting it ?

I decided to painting it finaly, the idea is to show my lamps as a part of a starry sky, like the other stars ( My mom Idea :) )

Step 5: Final Result

Here is my final result, I totally enjoyed this DIY, this was my really first one, and i was satisfied with the result and the athmosphere Vintage and Modern if this Chandelier.

Most of all this was on a Budget i did the electric part myself which saves me loooots of money ;)

Hope the tutorial is clear, and that this will inspire you :).

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