Introduction: Editing the Color Out of an Image Background With Adobe Lightroom

In this tutorial you will learn how to edit the color out of the background of an image, to just get color on one part using Adobe Lightroom.

Step 1: Creating a Mask

Once you have opened your photo in the Develop tab of Lightroom, click on the Adjustment Brush button under the Histogram.

Step 2: Adding a Mask

Once in the Adjustment Brush tab, cover the whole picture with the brush. Once you're done, your image should look like this.

Step 3: Erase the Mask Where You Want Foreground to Be

In this case, it will be the Purple Peep. First click on the eraser next to the brush selection on the tab and then go over the foreground with the eraser brush active. At the end of the process your picture should look something like this.

Step 4: Desaturation

Once you have your mask on the area you want desaturated, go to the saturation slider and drag it all the way down to zero and press enter! And there you go, your photo should be desaturated and ready for export.