Introduction: Edward Scissorhands Costume

This Costume was not the easiest to put together, but like most things, if you put in the time you will definitely get the "WOW" factor in the end.  The most difficult steps were finding and gathering all the different pieces from thrift stores and hardware stores and then some of the advanced sewing that I ended up learning how to do.

Step 1: Belts & Shoes

Keep in mind that you need lots of belts! lots and lots. I gathered about 15 belts, but ended up only using 12 of them. Its good to have extra though, because when your piecing it together some sizes work better than others. Three around my torso, two connected for across my chest and over my shoulder, three around my thigh, three around my calve, and one on my boot.  You want to keep an eye out for any black belts, but especially black belts with silver metal studs.  I did get some brown belts with studs and then spray painted them black .  It's also good to keep a look out for purses with cool handles/straps, I was able to find some nice ones with metal hoops that fit in perfectly with the feel of the costume.  I also purchased some steel rings at the hardware store and used wire to attach them to the belts. One key element throughout Edwards costume were these steel rings, so I felt it was important to include that as best as I could.  

One of the belts I cut to size and sewed it around the right boot. The boots I was also able to find at a thrift store.  Thrift store stuff is cheap, but it does all add up, check with your local one and find out if there is half off days, those would definitely be the days to go.  

Step 2: Jacket & Pants

The best route to take with this is to search all thrifts stores in your area and try to find a leather or pleather jacket and pants that fit. If you have a means of altering clothes then you may not have to be so picky.  With the jacket that I found, it was a little big around the torso so I got some industrial velcro and glued it on with a 2 part epoxy (the adhesive on the velcro was not strong enough to withhold the tightness of the jacket, so it is best to use an epoxy in addition to the adhesive). I overlapped the jacket enough so it was tight all the way up my torso. I constructed 3 different belts to wrap around my torso to keep everything nice and tight. 

For the pants I sewed three belts around my left thigh leg and then had 3 belts around my right calve area, to balance it out. The belts on my calve I did not have to sew because they stayed nice and tight and were held up by my boot. 

Step 3: Wig & Scissorhands

The wig is the only thing that I purchased that was intended for a costume. I found it online.  

The scissorhands on the other hand were a bit more complicated.  I started out by making a template on paper by hand, I made thumb pieces but did not end up using them.  I then taped the template to 1/4" balsa wood and cut it out with an X-acto knife.  Next I painted the wood with a hammered silver spray paint. Its best to use one that has a primer and paint in one. No matter what it will take 3-4 coats to get a nice smooth finish. Some of the blades have scissor finger holes; these I wrapped in either black or red electrical tape to make them look more like scissors.  Next I sewed them onto black leather or pleather gloves.  One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you put the longest blades on the middle fingers and then the next longest on the ring and index fingers and then the smallest blades on the pinky fingers.  

Step 4: Putting It All Together

Before I put the costume on, I did my makeup. Then I put my pants and shoes on, then my wig and then the jacket. 

For the Makeup I simply studied lots of pictures from the movie and consulted with local costume shops for the right products. I ended up using a skin putty for the scars that you apply to the skin and then brush a fixative liquid over it to set it in place.

You want to put the scars on first, but before you do, make sure you clean your face with rubbing alcohol to get rid of all the oils.  
Once you get the scars on you want to start with a foundation.

I referred to this video:
for the majority of the makeup application.

The only thing I did differently was with the scars. She puts the scars on at the end, but they stick better to your skin than they do to oily makeup.  

That is about it. Have fun, be creative and try and put your own twist on the costume.

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