Introduction: Edward Scissorhands Costume and Hand Prop

We are going to create a costume for Edward Scissorhands.

For the hand we are going to need:

- cardboard (I used the one from the back of the drawing paper sheet bundle)

- aluminium tape or plates

- Gloves (preferably leather ones)

To make this we will also need some tools:

- Hot glue gun

- pencil

- knife or scissors

Step 1: Step 1: the Blades

Firstly we need to outline the shape of a scissor blade with the pencil onto the cardboard. We can use real scissors as a reference or we can do it by heart. The bigger the blades are the better it will look so be sure to exaggerate with the size. Then cut the shapes out.

If you're using aluminium plates cut off the side part and just use the bottom part that is flat and smooth. You can use the edges for a thumb blade like in the top shape in the picture with the finished blades.

Now you must wrap the cardboard shapes in aluminium. Flatten out the blade part but be sure to leave some aluminium free so you can shape it around your fingers.

Create as 10 blades and have some fun with the shapes and ideas.

Step 2: Step 2: Shaping the Blades

Now that you got your blades you can use your fingers to shape the ends of them to fit onto the glove. We are doing just a general shaping so you don't have to be too precise.

When it fits cut off the excess aluminium and if the blade keeps falling apart you can use some tape on the down side.

Step 3: Step 3: the Glove

Now take your glove and make put your hand inside. Try to put the blades onto the fingers to see if it fits. Press the aluminium together firmly and take your hand out.

When you make sure that all of the blades fit onto the glove, you can use hot glue to secure them to the glove. Be careful not to put your hand inside the glove while doing so, because it is easy to burn yourself!!

Now wait for the glue to cool off and make some adjustments to the blades. You can draw holes on them make them look used or just add a simple handle with a red colored cardboard.

Step 4: Step 4: the Costume

When putting together the costume we tried using every thing that was made out of leather and every belt that we could found. But at the end it looked the best with a simple white shirt and black pants with suspenders. If you add three safety pins to each suspender it is even movie accurate.

You can die your hair black by using temporary spray color for your hair and adding a bunch of hair spray right before you go to sleep to make your hair spike and to keep keep it in the air.

With make up make your face as white as possible. Add a few scratches with a skin color and use some purple and black color for the eyes. Add a spiky leather choker for the finishing touch and enjoy the attention of having the best Halloween costume ever.

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