Edward Scissorhands Scars




Introduction: Edward Scissorhands Scars

Many people have asked me how I made my son's scars, it is so simple yet effective and realistic and much more durable than the make up scars that you get at a Halloween store.
Materials needed:
Elmer's School glue
Toilet paper (two ply)
Make-up: skin colored liquid foundation, red eye shadow, gray eye shadow
step 1: squeeze small amount of glue directly onto skin in desired shape
step 2: seperate the two ply toilet paper and tear into small pieces
step 3: stick the small pieces of paper to glue and let dry till tacky (you can shift and shape the paper to create the look you want)
step 4: repeat steps 1-3 until you reach your desired thickness and shape
step 5: dab the liquid foundation onto the scars while still slightly wet and blend color into skin
step 6: with eye shadow brush create highlights and shadows with the red and gray eye shadow to create a realistic looking scar

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    The scars look great! Did you put the costume together too? I really like those scissorhands :)