Introduction: Ee Fu Noodles (Chinese Stir-fry Noodles)

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Ee Fu Noodles can be served as a one-dish meal, making it a yummy and nutritious option for those busy bees who do not wish to spend an excessive amount of time on cooking. It is also very convenient as everything is cooked in a single pan/wok. The recipe can be adjusted to your liking through the noodle consistency and substitution with meats or vegetables.

NOTE: This recipe is featured in my cookbook (Cook Your Way To A Healthier Marriage, p58) and the Singapore Straits Times (8 February 2015, Lifestyle)


5 garlic cloves (peeled and finely chopped)

200g chicken fillets (skin removed and sliced into 0.5cm strips)

1 425g can of whole straw mushrooms (sliced in half lengthwise)

200ml liquid, reserved from the can of straw mushrooms

50g yellow or green chives (sliced into 4cm lengths)

2 tbsp vegetable oil

2 tbsp oyster sauce

2 eggs

2 nests of dried ee fu noodles (about 100g)

250ml water

Step 1: Heat the Wok With Oil

Heat the oil in a frying pan or wok over medium heat.

Step 2: Fry Garlic

Fry the chopped garlic over medium heat for 2 mins or until fragrant.

Step 3: Add Mushroom Liquid and Oyster Sauce

Slowly add the straw mushroom liquid to the pan followed by the oyster sauce and mix well. Turn the heat up to high and let the sauce come to a boil.

Step 4: Add Eggs

Lightly beat the eggs and stir it into the boiling sauce quickly.

Step 5: Add Chicken & Noodles

Immediately add the chicken fillets and the ee fu noodles. Pour in the water and stir. Allow noodles to absorb the sauce.

NOTE: If you prefer your noodles to have a drier consistency, cook for a longer time.

Step 6: Add Mushrooms and Chives

When the noodles have absorbed most but not all of the sauce, add the straw mushrooms and chives to the pan and stir through for 1 minute.

Step 7: Serve Hot

Serve hot with cut chilli.