Introduction: Egg Art Ideas-Dye and Try!

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Dying the eggs is very easy and its results are really magnificent. Dye an eggshell and you can use it dozens of ways! I have two basic uses of it but I am sure you will find a lot more after going through this instructable. All you need is broken Eggshells, washed and dried thoroughly and you may begin!

Step 1: Dying the Eggs!

IDEA no 1:  Making Egg-candles and Egg-floating Candles!

Things you will need:
Eggshells (of course! :p)

For making Dye:
Water 1 cup
White vinegar 1 tbs
Food color 1 tsp

For making Candles:
Old candle
Candle Wick
Gel Wax

How to make Dye:
Mix water, vinegar and food color in a bowl, mix well.

Put in some eggshells. You can use half eggshells or full, its upto you.

Keep them soaking for half hour.

Note: Another recipe:
You can use Fabric dyes instead of food color, as they can wash away in water more easily. Use same amount of color and water described above but omit the vinegar.

The outer part of shell will be of lighter color than of inner.

You can also dye only inner part by filling eggshell with dye-water.

Step 2: Preparing the Wick!

Cut wick into 1 inch pieces for floating candles.


If you are making candles with whole shells, measure wick by putting it in the shell, then cut it with 1 inch extra.


Melt an old candle in double-boiler(use candle-making pots and utensils).

 Put pieces of wick in it till they soak the wax.

 Take them out and put them on an old newspaper.

Let them dry and cool.

Step 3: Sticking the Wick!

Melt gel-wax according to Manufacturer's instructions.

When it half-melts, dip a corner of waxed-wick in it and stick in the center of eggshell.

Note: Don't hold eggshell while doing it, put it on a smooth surface to know its center of gravity.

It will set quickly.

Repeat the same procedure with the remaining pieces.

Step 4: Filling the Candles!

When gel gets completely melted, use a spoon to pour it in the floating candles.

Do not fill them to brim.

You will not need more than a teaspoon mostly.

Pour some drops and let them settle, then pour more later. Otherwise the wick will start to topple and fall.

Another Trick

You can fill up the egg pieces with gel wax first, when it settles, you can then insert wicks in them.

For Whole Candles

Set the shells in cupcake tray or something like it.

Fill them with gel wax.

When half-cooled, insert the wix in the center.

Let the candles cool.

Step 5: Time to Enjoy!

Fill any tub with water or if you are near pond or lake, then enjoy these candles there at night time.

Lit up the candles and put them in water.

It will be an incredible sight!

And the whole Egg candles can be used on tables for a Candle-light Dinner!

Step 6: More Egg Ideas!

Here is the other idea to use Dyed Eggshells!

Use them on a flat surface to make a picture!

To do that, apply glue on the surface first.

Then put and press eggshells on it to make a mosaic.

Use white glue as it will dry to transparent.

Or use the same technique to cover a box/container half or full, whatever you like!

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