Egg Head (or Shoulder)




Introduction: Egg Head (or Shoulder)

sunny side up eggs are really pretty. 

and really, nothing says "I'm looking suave" more than an egg or two on the side of your head. 

it makes people do a double take.

Step 1: Materials Materials Materials...

1) Scissors
2) White (light blue pictured) and orange or yellow thread
3) Marker
4) Needles
5) Pins
6) Fluff
7) Yellow cloth and white cloth (preferably not elastic)
8) Old barrettes or hair pins
9) Hot glue gun
10) Safety pins (optional)

Step 2: Making Egg White Pieces

1) Take two pieces of white cloth and place them on top of each other.
2) Pin the two pieces together.
3) Draw an amorphous egg like shape with the marker. 
4) Cut out the shape.

Step 3: Egg Yolk + Egg Yolk on White

1) Cut a small piece of yellow fabric.
2) Find a circular object about the same size of your desired yolk (glue stick caps are awesome).
3) Trace.
4) Cut out yolk.
5) Pin yolk to one egg white piece.
6) Whipstitch*  the yolk to the egg white.
7) Sew leaving about 2 cm space at the end.
8) Stuff the yolk using the fluff.
9) Whipstitch to seal the yolk. 

*i'm no sewing expert, so sorry if i mislabeled the stitch.
it should look like the link below:

Step 4: Finishing the Egg

1) Use a running stitch to sew the egg whites together. 


2) Stop sewing leaving about 2 cm of room.
3) Fill egg white with some fluff, for a little volume.
4) Whipstitch egg closed.

Step 5: Assembling Clip


1) Apply some hot glue to the hair barrette or pin.
2) Stick the egg on. 

*I found that hair accessories look nicer and more realistic when the egg white isn't stuffed.


1) Attach safety pins to the back of the egg. 

**Pins look swankier when egg whites are stuffed. 

Step 6: Work That Egg

Work that Egg! 

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I made these out of felt and they turned out so cute. I'm trying to make a bacon design to go with them. :3

    Thank you. :D

    12 years ago on Introduction

     I think you might need some bacon barrettes to go along with the egg!

    How cute. :D 


    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is one of the greatest ideas I've seen in a while -- makes for a good laugh! 


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Nice, you can pretend to be a politician?