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well its almost easter time to take-out the old egg painting kit but wait where has it gone oh no! someone threw it out!. Well you know what that means right? It means its time to build your very own egg painter.This took me about a day to find all the parts and create a design that won't cause the egg to go flying off and shatter into a million little peices (veerision 1 :) ) so this is what i came up with for my d.i.y egg painter. ( P.S. sorry for the sideways images i just can't figure out how to flip them so they are the right way up i will change it as soon as i figure it out. )

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    You can't turn the photos on-site - you have to rotate them on your own PC before you upload them.

    Assuming you're using a version of Windows, open "My Pictures" (or wherever you have saved the images) in "thumbnail" view.

    Hold down "Ctrl", select all the images you want to rotate, then right-click on one of them and select "rotate clockwise".

    Once you've done that, upload the images again, and use them to replace these.


    I also recommend using one of the images of the finished device as your first image in the slide-show.