Introduction: Egg Slime!

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Hey guys, it is time to collect your eggs! Today I am showing you how to make this super cool egg slime! it also works as a anti stress ball. Awesome to play pranks on people :) Let's go check it out!

Step 1: Gather All the Ingredients

For this project you're going to need:

  • a bottle of clear glue
  • Some water
  • Contact lens solution
  • Baking soda
  • Yellow Fimo (or polymer clay)
  • A clear balloon

Step 2: Make the Yolk

For the yolk you need to grab some yellow polymer clay and shape it until you get a ball. You can then bake it following the instructions on the package.

Step 3: Let's Make the Egg Whites

For the egg whites we are going to make a simple slime.

Start by pouring the contents of a bottle of glue into a container. Then fill the empty glue bottle with warm water and pour it into a different container. Now add 1 tbs of baking soda to the warm water. Proceed by mixing the water and baking soda solution until it becomes totally clear, then you can mix the solution with the glue. In order to give it the slimy consistency we are looking for, you need to add two tbs of contact lens solution.

Step 4: Fill Up a Plastic Bottle With the Slime

The easiest and most efficient way to fill the balloon with the slime is to pour the slime into a plastic bottle and then transfer it into the balloon. In order to do so, use a funnel to fill a plastic bottle.

Step 5: Place the "yolk" Into the Clear Balloon and Blow Air Into It

You may need help from another person to be able to insert the yolk into the balloon. I find that if two people pull the tip at the same time it is much easier to do. Once the yolk is inside the balloon you can blow air into it. Next, you can place the inflated balloon on top of the plastic bottle.

Step 6: Fill the Balloon With Slime

Empty the contents from the bottle into the balloon by squeezing the bottle.

Step 7: Tie a Knot at the Tip and Cut the Excess

Now you can enjoy your egg slime!!

Step 8: Watch the Video Tutorial of the Project to See How It Turned Out :)

Step 9: