Introduction: Gallium Wonder Woman Spinner

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Hello everyone, here is my second instructable so I am pretty excited to share it with you. I made a Wonder Woman spinner with gallium. I think it turned out pretty cool and was actually really well balanced so I hope you try to make your own :)

Step 1: Watch Video Demonstrating the Final Result and the Making Process

Step 2: Flatten Some Play-Doh Until You Obtain a Block With Uniform Thickness (about 1cm Thick)

Step 3: Print the Wonder Woman Logo in the File Attached and Place It on Top of the Play-Doh

This is the Wonder Woman logo I used to make my spinner. I placed the image on a Word document and scaled it so that it had it would have similar dimensions to the original spinner. Using an utility knife, cut through the logo and the Play-Doh so that you can carve out the logo onto the Play-Doh.

Step 4: Use the Utility Knife to Remove the Exceeding Play-Doh

Step 5: Place the Ball Bearing and Remove Extra Play-Doh

Try to remove the Play-Doh around the ball bearing to add extra rigidity to the design.

Step 6: Melt the Gallium and Use a Syringe to Collect the Metal

Step 7: Pour the Gallium in the Play-Doh Mold

To speed up the solidification process, place the Play-Doh and Gallium in the freezer for 20 min.

Step 8: Remove Play-Doh Mold

Step 9: Optional: Add Spinner Caps to the Spinner and Enjoy :)

Thanks for checking out the project :)