Introduction: Eggs Planted on Toast With Ham

About: For several years with my daughter we have been building interesting appliances in a small garage, you can visit us and build something with us.

As I and my older daughter Sarah, we are work in the garage, my wife Sylvia creates miracles in our kitchen. I would like to present some of them. This recipe for the breakfast we brought from our trip to Ukraine and for several years does not disappear from our table. We hope you will like it, we love it, is very simple to do.

Step 1: Needed Products

1. Sliced ham

2. Toast Bread

3. Eggs

4. Tomatos

5. Butter

6. Potato croquettes

In Your kichen you should have as well Oven, Toster, frying pan, better if you got two. Some things can be make parallel.

Step 2: Oven

1. Preheat the oven to 200 C.

2. When the oven reaches set temperature, insert the croquettes.

3. We bake croquettes for about 20 minutes until browned

Step 3: Toast

In the meantime, make several toast, as much, as portions you need to prepare.

Step 4: Pan

On a hot pan we dissolve butter, then fry one centimeter thick slices of ham. So many as many Toast you have.

Step 5: Eggs

On the other pan dissolve second portion of the butter and fry the eggs, so that the eggs yolks will stay liquid. Cuted later together with ham and toast, They taste wonderful.

Step 6: Vegees and Dish

Cut tomatoes, put on the dish.

First, toast in the bottom, then ham and Fried Egg on the top. Bake croquettes put on side as shown on above photo.

Fill free to use your own invention and vegees, you and your family like to eat. You can add sliced fruits. We sometimes add an oranges.

Enjoy your meal! I hope you will like it.

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