Introduction: Egor Stick

This is a contraption to finally help mark the location of hidden holes

Step 1: The Problem

I have this wheelchair and I need to place a flat board on top of the brackets to make a cover or platform.

But how does one know where to place holes in the board to line up with the holes in the brackets?

Step 2: Reasonable Solution?

You would think that you can just measure the location of the holes . . .

Step 3: Solution Fail

... But my measuring device seems to have numbers that move when I try to transfer values.

Here you can see that 7.5 inches somehow goes way off of the edge of the board. How's that possible? Geeze. I hate measuring devices.

Step 4: Actual Solution

So here is my invention to help with this problem: the Egor Stick.

It allows you to mark the board from underneath at the actual location of the holes.

Here's how to make it and use it . . .

Step 5: Tools, Supplies

  1. #2 Pencil, sharpened very fine
  2. Drill
  3. 1/4 '' bit
  4. Lil' tiny saw or Xacto-type knife
  5. Paint stirrer stick or similarly narrow board-let (like a shim)

Step 6: Cut Off Tip of Pencil

Cut off about an inch from the top of the pencil.

NOTE: sharpen the pencil first before sawing.

Step 7: Pencil Tip

You'll wind up with a pencil stub.

Step 8: Drill a Hole in the Stick

Drill a hole about an inch from the edge of the stick.

Step 9: Insert Pencil Into Stick

Step 10: Place Your Board on Your Holes (er Well You Know What I Mean Heh)

Position the board where you need it.

You might want to clamp it down to keep it in place while the hole positions are marked.

Step 11: Mark Holes With the Stick From Underneath

Slip the stick under the brackets and push the pencil through the holes. Apply slight pressure and move the stick around the bolt hole.

Step 12: Flip Over the Board

Light registration marks are now on your board.

Figure 1 shows the hole marks, and Figure 2 shows them a little better after circling with a marker.

Step 13: Drill Holes Based on Registration Marks

Hint: don't use your knee as a backing when doing this.

Step 14: Place Board Back on and Slip Bolts Through Holes

Here you can see how the bolts go through the board and (surprisingly) line up with the holes in the bracket.

Step 15: Secure Bolts As Needed

This figure shows the board on the brackets and bolts through the holes.

Step 16: Add Egor to the Platform

Finish your project as needed.

Step 17: Tool Complete

Place your new tool among all the other tools where you will never be able to find it again

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