Introduction: Elder Scrolls IV OBLIVION's Blade of Woe

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I was looking at Knex swords one day and i was thinking about OBLIVION while doing it.  Then i saw something that reminded me of the dark brotherhood and i thought about the Blade of Woe.  I then looked up a picture OF the Blade of Woe (i love google) and made this knife.  It doesn't look exactly like it but does mostly.  Also it is flimsy but the flimsyness is only noticeable if you swing it around like crazy.  The hilt is comfortable but the blade NEEDS hinges (i think) if it doesn't then please tell me how to make the blade without them (i need hinges for other things and only have a few left).

If you want me to make another OBLIVION weapon message me.  Please send a name of the weapon you want me to make.  Also i can't make blunt weapons yet but i will try once i get enough experiance and can make them stable.

Step 1: Blade


Step 2: The Hilt

Still very easy.

Step 3: The Handle

Easy the single slot grey connectors are optional.

Step 4: Put It Together

Still very easy. NOTE: you may need to put the hilt on the handle straight down which may hurt your hand so if you want to you can put the hilt together on the handle and not seperately