Introduction: Electronic Component Sculptures

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Hello everybody,

Today I'm gonna publish a new instructable, in which I will be showing you how to make sculptures out of electronic components. I think these sculptures suits your worktables perfectly. You can find old components in junk PCBs or you can take new components too.


  1. Resistors
  2. Capacitors
  3. Inductors
  4. Trimpots
  5. ICs
  6. (or any other electronic components)
  7. Soldering iron and accessories

Step 1: Prepare the Components

clean the component terminals and apply a little bit of solder. Also use flux if required.

Step 2: Big Capacitor Headed Man

follow the pictures in the correct order to make it. small disc capacitors are twisted to resistors terminals to make hand and foot

Step 3: 555 Spider

Take an 8 pin IC (NE555, uA741C, etc) and solder 8 resistors to its terminals as shown. Then bend it to make the 8 legs of the spider. use a disk capacitor to make the head.

Step 4: 3 Pin IC Headed Man

Take a 3 pin IC (78XX, 79XX, etc) and use the pins as shown to make the man.

Step 5: The Family... With a Spider!

Now we have completed the sculpture and these are better gifts to offer to your electronics loving friends. You can see an additional man in the picture shown above. try to make it and think out of the box to make wonderful sculptures. Enjoy making.

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