Introduction: Ex-battery Security

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Hello all.

Have you ever gone through or thought of a situation when your household battery is no more working and you are opening your door using the electrical systems? If yes, this tutorial will make your life easier

In this Instructables, we are going to see a new version of security devices that we can implement for making our priceless things and house safe and secure even if we have power failure or a battery backup system failure. This product will help us to power the devices externally.

You can come up with a number of similar solutions if you go through this tutorial. This enables double layer protection for your systems. It requires an external power supply and authorized entry. So let's make it!


Arduino Nano

RFID reader RC522

RFID tag


Battery connectors

Servo motor or electromagnetic lock or anything you would like to add to your security device

3D printed parts

Step 1: Build the Circuit

Set up the circuit according to the circuit diagram. I have soldered wires between the components. You may connect them using jumper wires also. Then upload the code to Arduino. (replace the UID in the code with the UID of your RFID card. You can get it from the serial monitor when a new card is introduced)

Step 2: Set Up the Main Part

Encapsulate the circuit into the 3D printed box. Stick the RFID reader on the front panel using a two-sided tape and stick the battery connector to the front using some strong glue

Step 3: Set Up the Authorization Block

Place a battery soldered with a connector and the RFID tag to the small 3D printed box

Step 4: It's Done!

This is the final product that I have made. The door will be opened if you connect the authorization block to the main part. The door won't open if any of this element is missing. ie if the battery or the RFID is not present externally the door won't open. You can try out a wide variety of security devices using this concept of external powering with authorization.

Demo video

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