Introduction: Electronics Aids: Scalable 3D Printed Wire Label. I Made It at TechShop.

Project Goal:
      To have fun making fancy scalable 3D printed wire labels   We could make one or a few CAD stl file  Then we could scale the part for larger ring size and/or longer length.  I printed 60% fill to make sure there is consistent and stable structural integrity while we try to scale it up   We would like to test different thickness so we could find the acceptable or optimum design.
       The wire label could be make to different color  Note that black (for ground) and red (for positive lead) would be most common color.   Also, white, green and yellow are next common ones.

        Number labels or letters could be embossed on the cylindrical surface.  Swipe with colored paint (Contrast of the plastic color) and wife (or sand) off the excess paint to produce visible labels.

        In the 3D Printer, we could copy and paste a part and make multiple copies.  We could also bring in several part to print together.  So we could practically bring a full set for the whole project and let it run completely.   Lately, we have success in printing so it is worth printing multiple part and not afraid the whole batch would be waste.  Previously, if one is making muliple parts and one part failed, it would cause a 'dominoe effect' and ruin the whole batch on the plate.
       We could also make longer print and cut it to size as needed.

       The 1st print revealed that the thickness is too thick and it is very tough to open up the ring to insert the wire.  This would be useful if we could insert the wires through the holes.   We will now make a few iteration to find a working template.