Introduction: Electrophorus

Down below are quick and easy instructions on how to create a electrophorus out of household materials!

Step 1: Make Sure to Get a Styrofoam Plate, or Styrofoam Block!

Styrofoam is an insulator and does not allow an electric charge to travel through it. This means it can be allowed to gain a negative charge with electrons, we'll talk more about that in the next slide!

Step 2: Acquire Fur, or Wool!

I used rabbit fur for my project, although you can choose whatever type of fur/wool you want. With this component you will be able to charge the insulator (Styrofoam) by rubbing the wool on the styrofoam which will take negatively charged electrons off of the fur and transfer it to the styrofoam. This step is important!

Step 3: Hot-Glue a Styrofoam Cup to an Aluminum Sheet!

The aluminum acts as a missing piece of the puzzle, it is a conductor, and by being a conductor it allows electrons to move freely around itself. Aluminum foil will also work if wrapped around styrofoam plate.

Step 4: Begin the Fun!

These two pieces can not contact each other. After charging the styrofoam with your fur, hold the aluminum near the styrofoam as shown in the image. (Now for the fun part!) Touch the aluminum with your finger and you can feel an effect of the negative charge transferring from the aluminum to your body.