Elegant Glass&wood Table From Roof Leftovers

Introduction: Elegant Glass&wood Table From Roof Leftovers

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Do not throw, burn or give away wooden leftovers! Do something from them. For example... elegant coffe table.

You will need just:

- few hours divided into two days (glue has to dry)

- saw and planner (mechanical ones are better, faster)

- wood glue

- piece of glass with glass knife

- some screw and screwdriver

So, let's begin!

Step 1: Preparing the Leftovers

OK, so You have some pieces of wood. Sort them and select ones without many knots, nails etc. Then cut them to avoid bended parts and let them dry. In my case, I used leftovers from making the roof. They were very, very wet, so I have to get them to my home and dry them for few winter months. When springs come they were dry as hell.

Next step is to plan the pieces to get smooth surface and same dimensions for legs, table sides etc.

Step 2: Design, Making Parts and Preview

First of all, make some project of Your table. It doesn't have to be very hm.. beautiful. I like to improvise, so I go to my backyard and made the plans on the ground. I noted some dimensions and that was all. It's not hard step, but very helpful. Think once, do once!

When You know what You want to do - cut the wood to the right dimensions and make preview as I did on one of the picture.

You will need:

- 4 rectangular legs (6-7cm wide, 40-50 cm long)

- 4 rectangular parts for frame (3-4cm wide, 45 cm long)

- 4 wooden boards for glas socket (2 pieces about 45 cm long and 2 pieces 65 cm long all of them 4 2,5cm x 10 cm)

Step 3: Gluing & Mounting

This is fast, simple project, so.. don't afraid to use screws and drill. I used screws to hold the frame of the table. As You can see on the picture, I use clamp to immobilize legs and frame. Then I use drill to make a little hole for a screw and finally I put the screw in the hole. Such screw will be invisible and believe me - it will hold the fram (If You want, You can use more than one screw for one leg)

Step 4: Top of the Table

Table from my design has the wooden top filled with glass.

I used glue to attach the wooden parts. After applying glue You have to wait for several hours.

Important thing: Use clamps with some wood pieces between metal and Your table to avoid cracks and holes.

Step 5: Making Socekt for the Glass

This step is a little bit tricky. It is because router.

You have to make a tiny socket in Your table. I recommend to make several tries but not on Your project but oon something else.

After router You will get rounded corners. Make them rectabgular using chisel.

Step 6: Cutting Glass to the Right Dimensions

Glass for the table should be thick. At least 0,5cm.

Mark the desired shape and then use the glass knife to make cutting line. Now put the glass on something and use the force to bend it down. Push gently and the glass will break along the marked line.

Warning: Use gloves when working with glass

Step 7: That's All.

And that is all. You have made a coffe table from glass and wood.

Thanks for reading!

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