Introduction: Elegant Wire Banner

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I love how fun the banners are, they scream "celebration". And although I like the simple paper ones, I wanted one with a more polished look to decorate my house. So I came up with this, it's very easy to make, with simple materials and tools and the metal makes it look original.

So let's get started!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Coffee stirrers/straws (three for each triangle)

Thick Wire



Needle (I found it's easier with a big heavy needle, but that'll depend on the diameter of your straws)

Hot glue gun


Metallic paint

Step 2: Make the Triangles

Start by cutting a piece of stirrer.

Thread that piece with two more stirrers.

Make a knot to form a triangle.

Repeat until you have as many triangles as you need.

You can paint them if you want them in a different colour.

Step 3: Make the Letters

For the letters cut a long piece of wire.

Bend it and twist it until you form the letter.

Try to make it on the middle of the wire because we'll use the edges to attach it to the triangle.

You can use the loops from the letters for attaching it to the triangle. See the picture of the letter L

Or you can twist the wire around the straws so it hugs the banner, put a small drop of glue at the back.

Step 4: String

When you have all your letters, string them in a long thread.

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