Introduction: Elegent Paper Ghost Deer Mask

So i was looking at some of the work done by Phillip Valdez and especially like his deer mask. It of course was way to complicated for most people to make ,so i set out to make a simplified version. This mask is great for costume parties where you want a dignified mask, as this is actually kinda elegant.

So to make a mask you'll need :
1) a white sheet of card stock
2) a pair of sharp scissors
3) an x-acto knife or a blade
4) a silver marker
5) silver ribbon
6) clear tape

Step 1: Draw Out Your Design

So first you want to wrap the paper around your face and hold the spot where you want the mask to end. Ideally  between your eyes and the tip of your ears. Turn the paper onto a table and mark the spots with a pencil and draw a sort of figure eight like the one below. Repeat the process except this time looking for your eye holes, once you have it draw an almond shape as big as you want.

Next draw out  a muzzle shape at the bottom of your mask. Also two curved strips form an ear, so add the ear design at the side of the mask.
The final part is the antlers, these are also just curvy strips that have to be cut out properly, take a look at the pics below for the basic design. So now you should have the basic design.

Step 2: Cut Out the Mask

Ok so now fold the paper in half over the center of your mask lenghtwise . Cut the paper out from only one half of the design so that it is simetrical. Cut out the strips for the ears and anlters aswell from the folded piece so you end up with two identical pieces of evey part.
Now use your razor and cut out the eye holes,with the mask still folded
Cut out two small holes on each side for the ribbon to go through

Step 3: Cut Out Some Decals

So now that you have a basic deer mask, you can add some flare.
First is the fur around the eyes. For this you have to take a cut out from the eye holes and trace 1/2 a centimeter around it. Now cut it out, again while the paper is still folded for symmetry, and cut out the eye hole. So now you should have basically an almond shaped loop. Now just cut out slated triangles all the way around.
Now the fur above the nose is just a semicircle with streaks coming our. So for this trace the muzzle part of the mask on unfolded paper, remove the mask and draw curve connecting the both sides of the muzzle and draw elongated triangle shapes or any kind of stripes or streaks.
Next this is optional, but add intricacy , cut an split 's' shape, kinda like a fat curvy snakes tongue.Glue it to the cheeks of the mask
Last but not least cut a small nose shape like the one below.

Step 4: Color and Glue the Decals

For this my opinion is to go with a silver marker. Color the nose, antlers,and ears silver. Arrange the decals untill you're stisfied with the way it looks. Then carefully glue them all in place on the opposite clean side of the mask like in the pics.

Step 5: Finish It Up

The last step it to thread the ribbon through both holes on the mask. The ribbon should be taped under the eyes of the mask on the side that will be touching your face. Tie a knot on each end of the ribbon so that it doesn't fray. Try it on and go check in the mirror.
You can use this to make different animals like birds,wolves or dragons. Try using differeny colors or textures paper for different looks

Thanks for looking and leave a comment below. I'd love to see pics .Enjoy.

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