Fusing a Plastic Bag Flower to a Plain Tank




Introduction: Fusing a Plastic Bag Flower to a Plain Tank

So this is a follow up to the 'Fusing Plastic Bag Butterflies ' instructables , just a bit more complicated and it uses layered plastic.
For this one you'll need :
  1. A plain shirt
  2. Plastic bags in your choses colors or patterns
  3. A notebook and markers in the colors you chose
  4. A piece of parchment paper ( or the backing of a sheet of labels)
  5. Scissors
  6. An iron
  7. Newspaper

Step 1: Draw Out Your Design

So first draw out your design with the colors you chose for your plastic, just to get an idea.

Step 2: Cutting Out the Pieces

So to make the flower i did, cut open the sides of a small white plastic bag. Cut open all the folds along the bottom so it lies flat.Fold it length wise over the bottom seam and again so both handles touch.Now cut a straight line an inch over the egde so you have a clean flat edge
. Now cut out petal shapes in the form of triangles or ovals if you want. Make a lot of them depending on how bog you want the flower and keep aside.
Next cut out about two to four circles of each of the two other colors and two small circles of the brightest color for the center of the flower.

Step 3: Arrange Your Shape

Spread out your triangles in a small circle , overlap with another circle of triangles. Do this on the floor over some newspaper so that the pressure can be spread out evenly.

Step 4: Fuse It Down

Cover the design with the parchment paper and press down hard with an iron set on high. Keep pressing and checking it until it's completely fuses with no pockets.Repeat the previous step and add more triangles in smaller and smaller circles and fusing them untill there is only a small space left in the center.

Now cover this space with the circle of the two colors you cut out and fuse again, do this with the smaller center circles.

If you have any left over pieces you can sprinkle them around your flower and fuse them down too.Try making smaller shapes or strips of plastic and fuse them down too.

Again as i mentioned in the previous 'ible, you can add accents with a sharpie and press an iron over it with parchment paper to fuse the ink. This is because some permanent markers like Sharpie have small amounts of plastic in the ink and fuse well to your design.
So thats it , leave a comment or a pic and enjoy making new design on boring plain clothes.

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    That is crazy! Do you know how well this stands up in the wash? I have all of these colored sharpies too! I can't wait to try this :)


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    if you apply enough pressure and make sure there aren't any openings in the plastic it should stand up in the wash. try to get a fingernail under it if you can't it should hold up.