Introduction: Eleventh Doctor Costume/Cosplay

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The one on the left is the Cosplay I put together over a few months of saving money and looking around thrift stores across town.

Step 1: Figuring Out Which Doctor

For this Instructible I will be showing you guys how I made my Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor Cosplay. First of all I needed to find out what Doctor I was most like because the trick to a good Cosplay isn't just a costume it's becoming the character. I chose Eleven because I'm about the same height, I'm quirky like him and I enjoy acting like him from time to time. After you've gotten your Doctor watch all the episodes you can of him and get down how he walks, talks, moves and what he does with his limbs (flails in this case)

Step 2: Jacket and Pants

After you've got the acting down its time for the clothes and props. I wanted the jacket Eleven wears in the 6-7.5 series which is the striped tweed. I was lucky enough to find an almost perfect match. The only downside is slight discolouration and the dark stripes are going sideways instead of down. Now I thought this was too good to be true, it was. The jacket was a custom made one from a tailors and had the right arm length but the body itself was a men's extra large. It was only $5 though and I bought it anyway. Come on its a $300 jacket. So I took it home and made some modifications such as shortening the lapels, bringing it in a few inches, hand sewing on real leather patches (I don't recommend that unless you're going full out) and adding a button and it was complete!
The pants are very simple. You'll want black jeans that are either straight or skinny straight. For guys straight looks better and for girls skinny straight. Cuff the bottoms a few times.

Step 3: Bowtie (cool) and Suspenders

Now for Eleven you have two Bowtie/suspender combos. You can go with the dark blue colour scheme or the red. I went with the red. You can find suspenders anywhere really. Online, in store, while thrift shopping (what I did) or you can buy both a bowtie and suspenders at Hot Topic. The Doctors suspenders are 1 inch wide ones with silver clasps and an "X" back.

Step 4: Shirt and Shoes

Now here's the part that took me longest to find. The dress shirt. I had to look for weeks before finding the right size and colour dress shirt for me. Difficulty all depends on you with size and location. But for this series Doctor I went with a basic light blue dress shirt.
Now for the boots. I have a pair of brown laced boots that worked very well. The Doctor typically uses black 19 hole boots but I only had brown (brown has been used I recall) so I went with those! You can find ankle height boots such as these anywhere really.

Step 5: Props

Now for the props. Don't underestimate props as they add much to a costume. If your jacket is like mine it'll have plenty of pockets to fill so get plenty of props! First on the list is the Sonic Screwdriver. Probably the most expensive prop but worth it. I have the basic plastic extending model that I got on sale at Hot Topic for $25 and its worth every penny! Now that is the basic prop now you can fill your pockets with other random stuff! I went to a con with this and had my pockets filled with a FOB watch, an eye drive, a Journal, a racquet ball to throw at any Dream Lords or to play with with the other Time Lords (it's great fun, for a hermit) and a psychic paper.

Step 6: Putting It All Together

Now to tie it all together. If you have bangs shape them into Matt's hair fringe that goes from left to right and if you don't go ahead and keep your hair back or slightly on your face. Do whatever you feel works best! Included in this step are a few pictures of me and some people at the con who took pictures with me. Hope you enjoyed this Instructible! Comment and follow if you liked it! Thanks for reading!
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