Introduction: How to Draw an Anthro Wolf Head

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This is how to draw an anthro wolf head. Please do not copy my art. This is for educational purposes only. If you use this please make your own style or make some changes in how yours is drawn. Thank you.

Step 1: Materials

First gather your materials.
I have 3 basic tools for drawing here.
-mechanical pencil (or a regular pencil it's your choice)
-eraser (I prefer General's TriTip)
-paper (I'm using a Strathmore Drawing paper pad)
I also like to listen to music while drawing :)

Step 2: Starting Out

First draw a circle. Shown in the first picture.
Then draw a reference line across the circle as shown in the second. This is the line where the ear will start and the eyes will sit. If you'd like you can divide the face one more time from top to bottom as ill show in the third picture though I don't like to use it anymore. Remember to keep your lines light.

Step 3: Getting There

Now to make this circle look like a wolf. Add ears starting at the line going across and then the second. The second ear is trickier but don't worry you'll get it. If you added the second line going doing start the second ear from there and go down a bit farther than half way. Father that add cheek fluff and a muzzle. Draw a line going a bit off the circle and add a nose shape then go down in a bit of a backwards J to the circle. Below that do another backwards J farther into the circle.

Step 4: Eyes and Such

Now define the muzzle and lips how you'd like.
And now eyes. There's many different eye styles you can do so make your own and mix up different styles you like! For this style of anthro I use a triangular like eye shape. Don't forget pupils and shine spots if you want them.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Now for a neck. You can do the basic shape as shown in the first picture, or a different one as shown in the second. Or even make your own! Then add some fluff or a hair style/poof if you'd like, ear definition and go over the lines you'd like to keep with a pen or lining marker (I didn't do this as I was just sketching out for this). Now you have your own anthro wolf! Don't forget to sign your art with a signature (SP in my case because of my Instagram name Screaming_Peasants)