Introduction: Elf Door Hanger

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Ever wondered how Santa keeps an eye on everyone? He has little helpers around! I'll show you how to make a door knob hanger with an elf that your kids will love!

Step 1: Materials

Plain door knob

Beige foamy

Sphere (you can use a small ball or Christmas bauble)

Blue felt


Black marker

Glue gun


White pom pom

Brown little mop stings

Blush and makeup brush

Hair dryer

Step 2: Shape the Face

Use the hair dryer to heat up the foamy. Use both hands to push the foamy down on the ball so it can get the shape of half a sphere. Keep blowing hot air in the foamy until you get the right shape.

Step 3: Form the Head

Put some of the mop inside the half sphere and glue the sides to another piece of foamy. Try to keep always a circular shape. Cut the foamy in a circle and make the two pieces have the same size.

Step 4: Ears

Cut two little foamy triangles and glue them to each side of the head folding them a little to make them look very pointy.

Step 5: Hat

Cut a triangle of the blue felt and glue the bottom around the head. Be careful not to cover the ears. Glue the triangle in the back and place the white Pom Pom in the pointy part of the hat.

Step 6: Nose and Beard

Cut a little circle of foamy, put a big drop of glue in the center of the face and put the circle in it.

Glue strings of mop in front of the ears and under the chin to make it look like a messy beard.

Step 7: Details

Glue the ribbon in the lower part of the hat and add a little bit of mop string. Use the marker to draw the eyes of your little elf and draw big pink cheeks with your blush and makeup brush.

Step 8: Paint Door Knob Hanger

This door knob hanger has two pieces so I first separated them. Paint them separately and when they're dry you can assemble them.

Step 9: Elf

Put some glue in the hanger and place your elf on it. It looks adorable and every time you open your door you'll see Santa's little helper!

Happy Holidays!

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