Introduction: Elf on the Shelf

My 8 year old loves to be the center of attention. So we started brainstorming costume ideas for this year. We had on okay list, but nothing jumped out at us when my son had the awesome idea of re-creating the elf on the shelf!
I am not the most crafty person in the world so I really needed to think outside the box for this one. I looked on Amazon for red spandex pants and came across a red morphsuit. I ordered it right away knowing it would work wonderfully for this costume. Once it came we had to make some adjustments. Since we didn't the whole face covered we had to cut that part off and hem the edges. I think got some felt from the fabric store and cut it into a collar like the original elf on the shelf and sewed that around the collar of the morphsuit.

It wasn't too hard to find some white gloves for the costume. But something red for my son's feet was a bit harder. We looked online and in multiple stores before stumbling across a pair of red slippers that worked perfectly. They matched the costume and would keep my son's feet warm and protected. We also made a Santa hat from red fabric and some of the same white felt as the collar. We also wanted it to stand straight up so we put a large party hat inside.

We added a bit of blush to his cheeks to complete the look and voila! Our full size elf on the shelf was born.

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