Introduction: Elsa's Snowgies

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My little sister loves frozen and wanted Elsa's little snowgies right after she saw frozen fever. So being the crafty sister I am I made her one and thought I you would appreciate if I shared how to make a snowgie so all frozen lovers could have there very own. Just don't forget to cover your mouth! Achoooooo!

Step 1: Supplies

~White Yarn
~Black Yarn
~Blue Fabric
~White Fabric
~ G-4.5mm crochet hook
~ Glue Gun
~ Yarn Needle


Sc~ Single Crochet
Dc~ Double Crochet
Sl~ Slip Stich
Ch~ Chain
Dec~ Decrease

Step 2: The Body

Row 1~ ch 2, sc 9 in the second ch from the hook. Sl
Row 2~ ch 1, sc 2 in each previous sc. Sl
Row 3~ch 1, sc 1 sc 2 repeat. Sl
Row 5-9~ch 1, sc 1, sl
Row 10-11~ch 1, dec 1, sl
Row 12~ ch 1, sc 1, sl
Row 13-14~ch 1, sc 1 sc 2, sl
Row 15~ ch 1, dec 1, sl
Now tie off with a long piece of yarn and sew the end with your yarn needle to close it up.

Step 3: Feet

Row 1~ ch 3, dc 5, sl into the ch

Tie off and make one more. Then attach to the body.

Step 4: Almost Done!

Now just sew eyes on with black yarn and cut out a mouth using fabric. Tada! Now you have a elsa snowgie!

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