Introduction: Embroidered Cross Stitch Stole Shawl

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This winter personalize your own Cashmere/ polyester/ cotton stole by giving it a cross stitched border!

Step 1: You Would Need

A stole/ shawl, different colored embroidery threads, a needle, a thread clipper/ scissors.

Step 2: Mark the Fabric

Draw lines on the fabric to mark where you want your crosses to go. As this is not a cross stitch fabric this step is quintessential before starting. Use a scale and pen to make perfect straight lines . The pen lines will not show once the design is complete. Here is how I had done mine.

Step 3: Make Half a Cross

  1. Next take two strings of the embroidery thread and string them into your needle. Tie a knot on the end of the thread, click here to see an easy way of how to tie a knot for hand stitching.
  2. Follow the images to make your first half stitch.

Step 4: Continue

Continue with the previous step and make many half crosses. As the fabric does not have marked points for stitches, be a little careful and try to maintain parallel lines as much as possible. With a little bit of initial practice this should not be hard.

Step 5: Complete the Crosses

Reverse the direction, to complete the crosses. Now that the ends are marked this step is easier.

Step 6: Make a Line

Keep going, complete the crosses to make a whole line. Here are images of the completed line from front and back.

Step 7: Add Contrast

After the cross design is done, add contrast to it by adding a running stitch line with a different color thread.

Step 8: Add More Details

Create a design however you would like it to be. I have here added another running stitch line using a black thread.

Step 9: Finally!

Here are images of my final design from front and back.

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