Introduction: Embroidered Strawberry

Gather the necessary supplies;

Fabric on which to embroider


Thread (red, green, light green)


Embroidery hoop

Something to snip thread with

Step 1: Put Fabric in Your Hoop and Sketch

Make sure the fabric is taunt before sketching your strawberry. It can be any size or shape, or you can have multiple. Try to avoid doing this in marker, as you don't want to be able to see the marks after you are done sewing.

Step 2: Outline the Berry

Only outline the part that is going to be red. Use a back stitch so your line is thicker.

Step 3: Fill in the Red

Fill in the red in shorter, patchy stitches. Your stitches should push out from the bottom center.

Step 4: Cut and Tie Off the Thread

Try to knot as close as possible to the fabric. Knot multiple times.

Step 5: Make the Seeds

Take the light green thread and fill in the blank areas around the red in even smaller stitches.

Step 6: Make the Leaves

Do this with two rows of stitches at cascading lengths.

Step 7: Tie Off the Thread One Last Time

Step 8: Wear!