Introduction: Emergency Candle

This title sound weird, isn't it ? Yes this is a unique project which may be also called as Life Hack. Take alook at the project to know more about this " Emergency Candle "

Step 1: Required Apparatus

1.) Wax Crayons

2.) Match Box

3.) A news paper

4.) A candle

Step 2: Place the Crayon

First of all take a candle and light it and let the wax from the candle fall on the news paper which is placed on a news paper. Then quickly put a wax crayon on the molten wax and let the wax dry. Then make the crayon stand straight.

Step 3: Light It !

Now after making the crayon straight just light the crayon by using a match stick. This Crayon burns for about half an hour. So this emergency candle can be prepared easily at home by using a crayon.

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