Emergency Disposable Glue Dispenser

Introduction: Emergency Disposable Glue Dispenser

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For those who, for whatever reason, need a needlenose dispenser for liquids.

In my case I wanted to have an extra bottle of glue on hand for tight spots, like cracks in wood.

So I fixed myself one the cheap, fast and easy way.

Step 1: Find the Right Container and Nozzle...

This empty ketchupbottle had one of them silicone anti-drip membrane-thingies.

If you pull that out you might find a nozzle from a kittube that fits through there nice and snug.

Step 2: Cutting the Parts...

Cut off the lid of the ketchupbottle.

Maybe the nozzle from the kit-tube has some kind of edge or thicker part you can use to secure it's position after you pushed it through the cap of the ketchupbottle.

Step 3: That's It...

Have fun, work safe...

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