Introduction: Window Rubber Tool

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For those who have to work with "old-fashioned" carglass rubbers, you know the ones with a beed running in a groove to make the rubber expand.

First of all I don't know the correct word in English for the tool I'm about to discribe .

In Dutch the beed translates 'tendon' so in Dutch we call such a tool a tendonpuller, if you will.

But please go ahead and help me out in the comments, I'm curious.

OK, so I didn't have one and still wanted to install a new windshield in my OldTimer Citroën. An Ami 8 from '71.

Here's what I did.

Step 1: Find One of These...

We call them splitpennen, obvious why. To secure whatever, you know ?

The one I used just passes through a 5 mm hole.

Step 2: Shape the Needed Profile....

Get your collection of pliers out and bend the beep out of that pin 'till your rubber passes through the opening easy.

Also if you keep it under a bit of an angle.

Step 3: Finishing and Completing...

When your are satisfied file and sand the surfaces really smooth, no edges, no hooks, nothing, get it.

I bent the legs outward a bit and slipped a pair of vicegrip pliers in between making a great handle.

Step 4: The Tool Worked Great by the Way...

If it's slippery it works, that is, I used a bit of detergent for the dishes.

Don't even consider trying it dry, believe me.

Good luck, work safe, have fun, Steve (aka VanoF)