Introduction: Emergency EVERYTHING Kit!

I have carried one of these with me forever. Over the years, and keeping one in my bag,
the contents have evolved. Now this one is for me, it meets MY needs, your needs may vary, so YMMV is stated in this Instructable.


Step 1: Table of CONTENTS

Step 2: Loading . . . (please Wait)

Step 3: The AMAZING Expandable WASHCLOTH

I love this one, its the size of a quarter. Drop it in water and it expands out to this humongous washcloth.

Because it's super absorbent, I have used it to soak up a spill, as an emergency tourniquet, a emergency Lady Leak stopper—and who knows what else it can be used for. It's a touch expensive, but WORTH IT.

Link to buy:

Step 4: The Save Your Life USB Adapter

One time, I was checked into the ER and had to call my family to alert them. In fact, I needed to make several phone calls. USB adapters are everywhere, but iPhone adapters are not. This TRULY is a lifesaver


I could not find this specific model, here is a close match:

Step 5: Contacts

You're traveling and you lose your glasses, you're at a party and your glasses break. You need to drive home. Again this one is a Life Saver.

Step 6: Small But LARGE

You may never use any of these things, but isn't it NICE to know they are there if you need one?

HINT: You can wrap the tin in Saran Wrap (or cling film) to preserve it even better.

You can also stick in a gas card and a $20 bill in it.

[NOTE]The credit card is long since expired and the number is long gone, I am not worried about fraud.

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