Introduction: Emergency Mask Keeper

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Using a new mask that has been tossed inside my car or found in the bottom of my bag is pretty gross.

I found inexpensive plastic mask pouches to purchase online but I don't want to consume more plastic.

I improved on the designs found online by adding extra flaps on both sides to completely enclose and protect the mask from dirt and random capless pens.

This little mask keeper can hold 2 masks and be tossed in everyone's bags and cars for those emergencies when we've forgotten or dropped our masks.

Add 1 or 2 dollars and a kind note to give to homeless folks.


  • 1 gallon drink jug, thoroughly cleaned
  • scissors
  • tape
  • printed pattern
  • ruler
  • embossing stylus

Step 1: Print, Tape, Trace

Print the pattern

1. Tape the pattern on the jug where it fits best

2. Trace around pattern with a fine tip Sharpie

Step 2: Cut It Out

3. The drink jug plastic cuts very easily and is pleasant to work with

4. Fold the plastic piece in half to easily cut out the diamond shaped opening

Step 3: Embossing

5. The plastic piece will look like a bone with a diamond shaped hole in the middle

6. Place pattern under the plastic. Use a ruler and embossing stylus to emboss along the dotted lines

7. The embossed lines create clean creases in the plastic for nice folding

Step 4: Folding

8. Fold all of the embossed lines to create a wallet shape

Step 5: Putting It Together

9. Place a mask in the plastic “wallet”

10. Fold “wallet” in half

11. Twist the elastic ear loops of the mask

12. And pull the elastic into the bottom notch

Step 6: Make a Bunch

The Mask Keeper is small and tough.

The notches on each end keep the elastic ear loops securely in place so it won't open even in the bottom of your book bag.

2 masks will easily fit inside for your children...because you know their friends are going to forget their masks, too

And for the homeless, who also need clean masks, add a little money and a kind note.

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