Introduction: Emoji Short-sleeved Jacket

This is a jacket that you can wear with either a long sleeved shirt or a

tank top. my favorite emoji: the wink face. Tell me yours in the


Step 1:

find a too small t-shirt to cut up.

Step 2:

Cut through the middle of the shirt and cut off strips depending on how wide you want it.

Step 3: Emoji Time

Choose your fav emoji, is it Wink face, Poo face ?, love face ?, etc.

Step 4:

cut out the base of your emoji. for emoji faces, use a yellow circle of felt, for the poo emoji, use brown felt.

Step 5:

cut out the eyes

I made it look like the eye was outlined by putting a slightly larger circle under the white one

Step 6:

Make the mouth by cutting out a long oval and cut it in half. Then you can cut out a tongue, teeth, etc.

Step 7:

Sew everything onto the Base (the face) Then sew the face onto the jacket.

Step 8: