Introduction: Emotion Reader

this is a simple project that is easy to make and helps kids share their emotions.

Step 1: Supplies

Here are the supplies you will need to make this project:

1. Manila folder (you can get from a dollar store or staples)

2. Tape (you can get from any craft store)

3. Scissors

4. Computer (you need to be able to yous google slides)

5. Paper

6. Printer (you need to be able to print)

7. Hot glue gun (hot glue gun glue stick)

8. Cardboard

9. Ruler

Step 2: Cutting Out the Pocket

Depending on what type of folder you found. You may not have to do this step.

1. For this step, you will need your scissors and manila folder.

2. On the bottom is a pocket, in the middle, you will need to detach the glued part of the pocket

3. Now once you have one big pocket you will want to cut the two sides.

4. There should no longer be a pocket, just a flap. You will want to cut that flap off, but keep what you just cut off to use later.

Step 3: Folding the Sides

We will now start to make the stand for the emotion reader to stand up.

1. On one side fold an 8 cm flap

2. Do the same to the other side

Now you should have two 8 cm flaps on both sides.

Step 4: Making the Stand

1. You will need to fold the flaps in and then fold the folder in half

2. Overlap the two flaps and it should stand

This stand is easy to fold up so you can take it anywhere.

Step 5: Making Manila Strip

The next step is for your emotions to sit into.

1. Take the extra flap we saved to keep from step 2

2. Measure up 1 cm from the bottom, make a mark there

3. Measure to the side 26 cm

4. Cut it out

5. Make two, and put them to the side

Step 6: Setting Up the Reasons Why Cards and Emotion Cards

1. You will need your computer and you need to search up google slides

2. Once you're on google slides press create new

3. Now you want to fit 8, 2 by 2 squares

4. Make 4 of those squares the colour to match your one emotion and then make the other 4 a different colour to match another emotion.

5. Now make another page that has 8, 4 by 2 squares. Get different emotions to match your different emotion colour.

6. Go back to the 2 by 2 squares and make as many pages that you may want.

7. Fill in every 2 by 2 square with reasons why you would feel that way

8. Now go back to the 2 by 4 squares and put an emoji that matches the colour you put in that square

Step 7: Taping Manila Strip to Manila Folder

Now is the time you will need the manila strips we made in step 5

1. Place the strips where you want to tape them

2. Get a long piece of tape and only tape half of it and then you can use as much tape as you need

3. Tape it down

4. Do the same to the second strip

These strips are for your emojis and emoji readers

Step 8: Making the Pockets for Your Emojis

For this step, you will need a hot glue gun, cardboard, scissors and ruler.

1. Cut a 3 1/4" by 5 1/4" rectangle

2. Make another ( you should have two now )

3. Make a 1" by 5 1/4" rectangle ( make two )

4. Make a 3 1/4" by 1" rectangle ( only one )

Now we want to put it together to make a box ( get your glue gun out )

1. Get all of your rectangles

2. And make a rectangle box

Now you can colour the outside

Step 9: Making Emotion Explanation Card

Now we have to make the emotion explanation card box.

1. The first step is to draw a 3 1/4" inch square box

2. Make two

3. Then make three 3 1/4" by 1" rectangle

Now you want to assemble them into a rectangular box, like in the last step.

Now you can decorate.

Step 10: Printing

1. go to file print

2. change the page size to letter

3. change the page to fit page

4. hit the print bottom

make sure your page is not cut off of the page.

Step 11: Cutting Every Thing Out

1. cut on the lines that we made on the computer

2. make sure you cut them all out

Now your emoji reader is done