Introduction: Entertaining a Puppy

Ok. This may seem simple, but it can get hard to entertain a very hyperactive puppy. There are a number of techniques that I will cover in this instructable, including:
The Laser-Pointer Game
Going For A Walk
Fetch (kinda common sense)
The Paw Game

Thats my big bro with our puppy, but shes like wayy bigger now.

Step 1: The Laser Pointer Game

The laser pointer game is a simple and fun game to play with your puppy.
What you need:
1. A laser pointer
2. A hyperactive/playful puppy

To play the game, shine the laser on the ground in front of your puppy, and wait until she sees it. Her immediate reaction should be to chase it, and eat it, like she would a bug.
::WARNING:: Do not shine laser in your puppy's eyes. Lasers hurt humans eyes, and dog's eyes are much more sensitive than ours, so therefore, the laser would hurt their eyes more if shined directly in.

Also, when your puppy puts her paw on the light, turn it off, and watch her try to find it. Don't do this for too long, or it will be really sad to see your ppupy try and find it.

Step 2: Go for a Walk.

This one is easy, and fun in the summer.

Put your dog on her leash and go for a walk!

::WARNING:: Dont take your puppy for a walk, unless she has had her rabis vaccinnation, or if she encounters a squirells, or other dogs, she can get rabis! Also, look both ways when crossing the street!

Step 3: Fetch

This one's a classic!
Get a ball, or some other dog toy, and throw it! Then call your puppy to you, and try to teach her to always come back to you!

Step 4: The Paw Game

I made this game up when I was trying to check my dog's paws for ticks.

This game works best for bigger puup (like labs or golden retrievers) To play, just grab at your puppy's paws, and if she tries to pull away, keep at it, this is the point of the game. If your puppy does not pull away, hold on to her paw until she tries to get it away. Let go, but the grab at her paw again. Repeat until she gets the picture.

Step 5: The End

This is the end. My only friend the end....

anywho, its over, for now. I'm probably going to make another instructable with more games, once I think of some more.