Introduction: Envelope Napkin Fold

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With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it's time to start planning your table settings! The envelope napkin fold is a simple and elegant addition that allows you to personalize your family's meal by including a greeting card, menu, or place card within the folded napkin. (See Step 10 for more insert ideas.)


All you need to make these are 20 x 20 square napkins. They can be any color and material. Although I recommend using a cotton over linen, as linen (I found out doing this instructable) has bias stretch which makes it a bit harder to get even folds and doesn't hold a crisp fold well.

TIP: If you'd like crisper, more paper-like folds, iron the folds as you go!

Let's get started!

Step 1: Open + Flat

Lay a square napkin down on a clean work surface so that it's open all the way. Iron if needed.

Step 2: Fold in Diagonal Half

Grab a hold of the right hand corner nearest you and fold it over to meet the opposite upper left corner. Straighten out the edges so that they all meet up.

Step 3: Turn It

Turn the triangle so that the longest side is parallel to you and the table's edge.

Step 4: Fold In

Fold the left corner in so that it sits JUST past the midway point of the long side of the triangle, like pictured.

Step 5: Fold in Again

Now repeat for the right hand corner.

Step 6: Fold Over

Take the lower left corner and bring it in to the bottom midpoint of the now 'house' shaped napkin. Press the new left side fold down.

Step 7: Fold Over Again

Repeat on the right side.

Step 8: Fold Up

Take both bottom corners and bring them up to rest just below the top right corners. Press down the new folds.

Step 9: Close the Envelope

Take the top point of the envelope 'flap' and bring it down (or close it) to complete the envelope.

Step 10: Add a Personalized Card

Use your envelope napkins to include a personalized 'letter' or card to each guest's plate. Some ideas for what this could be are:

  • holiday greeting card
  • menu
  • place card
  • family photos from past celebrations
  • holiday story or poem
  • coloring cards with pencil crayons for kids
  • game cards: trivia, scavenger hunt, etc.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!! And if you decide to give these a try, please send me pictures via the comments section below. I'd love to see how yours turn out!

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