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Ok, so this project didn't totally, totally fail, because it still somewhat turned out. However, I just had to pass on the list of mini-disasters that went along with this project, most of which could have been avoided with minor foresight (which seemed to be in short supply here this week). This is an old idea, I am just redoing it for Instructables. My friend's mom used to have one of these made out of an old bleach bottle for her curlers. (Mine obviously is too small for curlers. Might fit perm rods though) So if you need something to put your perm rods in, or just to get a good laugh for today, read on!

Step 1: General Overview of Minor Disasters.

(I am assuming at this point that everyone reading this has basic sewing skills and sort of knows what I am talking about. In the next section I will try and fully explain what really worked.) Don't forget to look at the picture files, they have a couple extra little things that happened mentioned in them too.

I cut down my bottle to the size that I wanted. I tried to melt down the edge of the bottle, as in high quality cups from recycled water bottles by Lftndbt, however, I wanted to cut my bottle at a certain spot, and the way the bottle is angled it just wanted to melt the whole top 1/2 inch over. So, I just cut it off. (It's a good idea, though!) This did leave me at a neat spot to punch holes in with a big carpet needle, so that's what I did. (Hint- use a thimble.)
This is where I should have known better. I knew that denim was too heavy of a fabric for this project, but I wanted to use it anyway because it added another layer of recycling. I also wanted to do the bleach pen thing, Easy T-Shirt Sketching (By Goosezilla) and I thought that denim would work well for that. And it did! Amazing! I thought I was on a roll, now. From this point onward it gets messy. I don't know if you want to see all of the pictures that I took for this. I will try and just give a brief overview of the mishaps that followed.
So, I had to cut the jeans and re-sew them, because they were too wide to fit the top of the bottle. (Which was expected, really.) Then I hemmed the bottom using this pretty green ribbon that I had, to try and make it a thinner hem. Then I made a channel for the drawstring at the top, but because the denim was too thick, it didn't want to "draw" together very well. So I thought, well, I can make a channel out of this pink ribbon that I have, and pin fray the top and maybe it will still look alright. This is after, by the way, I realize that I have cut the denim for the top too long, so it looks stupid, and hemmed it already. :) So, I make a new channel with the pink ribbon, and I pin fray the edge,(Ripped a hole in my jeans I was wearing while I was pin fraying it, though. A small hole, but still.) and I think, this doesn't look too bad... then I realize that the top is still too long, and it still looks dumb. OK, so I take my bottom hem apart, cutting the very edge off of the hem, so that maybe I can save some work, leaving the ribbon in place so I can use it to cover the edge of the plastic bottle on the inside. Then I figure out that the other side of the ribbon is caught in the top seam, and I still need to cut the main part of the purse off some more because it's still too long anyway. Then I accidentally stab myself with the seam ripper, and bleed all over. Then, I decide it's time to go to bed and try again tomorrow.

The next day I take the green ribbon totally off, wash it and re-iron it. I re-hemmed the bottom, and decided to pin-fray it also, just like the top. This I can live with. I start looking for the strong black carpet thread that "I know I have around here somewhere..," But I can't find it. I can only find a dark green. I decide that I will just use this other black thread that I have, it says extra strong on it, and who am I to argue anyway, I just want to be done. So, I start sewing on the top of my purse. In the middle, I quit and go to bed. The next day, I forget exactly how the stitch I was doing went. Finally figure it out. Have to adjust stitches, because there is a little too much fabric. Fabric puckers. Figure out in the middle of all this that the neck of the denim part of the purse is too small to fold down over the purse all the way so I can see what I am doing. I finally finish sewing it on. I also decide that there is no way I am going to try and sew the ribbon down over the top of the bottle part. So I get out this fabric glue. I think maybe it will stick to the stitches that I made in the plastic. It doesn't. Then I try this other glue I suddenly remember I have, and so far, I think it's working OK. So, then I'm done. But the program I was trying to use to crop my pictures, the format doesn't transfer to Instructables correctly, wrong picture file or something. So I guess you guys have to put up with un-cropped pictures until I can figure out a way to do it without permanently altering my picture files. The end. Now, was that a laugh-and-a-half, or what? Like a friend of mine said, it will make a good story in about a week. I think I'll just send them all here to read this Instructable. :)

Step 2: What Really Worked/Aka What I Would Do Next Time.

Rinse out your bottle, and remove the label. If you scrub a little bit of peanut butter over the leftover glue from the label, it will come right off, usually. Cut down your bottle to the size you want. There was a neat spot to punch holes in with a big carpet needle, so that's what I did. (Hint- use a thimble.)

Step 3: What Really Worked -Continued

If I made another one of these, I would probably pick a softer drape fabric, ie- a denim shirt, perhaps, instead of regular denim. It would have saved me half of the problems that I had, but I'm a very stubborn person. I would also put the wider part of the sleeve on the top instead of at the bottom, so that I would have a little more room to maneuver whilst sewing the top on. I don't think it would show up very much in the finished product, and you would be able to fold it over the edge of the bottle if you needed to.

For the length of the fabric, measure around the top of your bottle plus about 3/4 inch seam allowance for each side. I bleached a design on my denim just for fun, using Goosezilla's instructions, but that's not totally necessary. For the height of the purse for this size bottle(33.8 FL OZ) I would say measure about 3 1/2 inches of fabric plus seam allowance for the bottom, and leaving at least an extra inch and a half for the channel on the top. (Side note: if you are using a lighter denim, I don't know if I would try and pin fray it or not. Hemming might be a better choice. However, you will have to adjust the height of your fabric to compensate.)

So you have your bottle, you have your fabric all ready to go, now it's time to put it together. I sewed my fabric to fit around the top of the bottle. I put a little piece of ribbon in the seam to make a "tag".
I originally started to make a channel for the ribbon with the denim(See picture), but I ended up making a channel for the green ribbon out of another pink ribbon, so that's what I'll explain. I took a ribbon that was a little wider than the one that I wanted to use for the drawstring, and cut it the length of my fabric plus seam allowance, about 3/4 an inch for each side, an inch and 1/2 total. I sewed the seam allowance on the ends, folding it once, then once again so that the cut end is on the inside, then sewing it down. I sewed the ribbon along it's length with a zigzag type stitch on the top, so hopefully it would hold better, and a regular stitch on the bottom. I was hoping that when I pin frayed it, the pink ribbon would peek out a little and be attractive, and I think that worked pretty well. Pin fraying is just what it sounds like, using a pin to fray the edges. I used a big giant safety pin. I cut some of the longer threads off, but mostly left it as it was.
For the bottom, measure the ribbon same as for top. I sewed the green ribbon on right side down, so that when I flipped it over, the pretty green side would show(See picture 3). I also sewed a zigzag type stitch for the bottom too, as it turned out I pin-frayed that also.
Now comes the sewing-on fun part. I drew a little diagram on the stitch I used, sort of a blanket stitch. Honestly you could just stitch over the edge of the bottle, that would be OK. I was going to sew the ribbon down over the edge, but I ended up just gluing it instead, as it was way easier. I used Beacon's 3 in 1 advanced craft glue, but a 3 or 5 minute epoxy would work just as well if you can't find that glue, and it would probably stick better. And that's it!

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