Introduction: Epic Gladiator Helmet(out of Cardboard!)

There I was, stuck in my house with nothing to do. I had only 3 options. 1.Make a puzzle(already did that) 2.Be bored to death. or 3.Make a full set of traditional Murmillo armor. Now if you don't know, a murmillo is a type of gladiator that uses a small rectangular shield(called a scutum) and a short sword(called a gladius). Gladiators were around 1st century BC-3rd century AD. This was a popular gladiator known for intense battles. They most commonly fought thraex another type of light gladiator(a thraex is very similar to a murmillo, but instead of a scutum and gladius they used a sica and a parmula. A sica is a curved blade that is sharp on the inside curve of the blade. a parmula is a round shield. They also fought with a different side.)

Now you that you know the history lets get to work! Will be making the helmet called a cassis crista(which is you put in google translate it will tell you that is means "metal comb". This is probably referring to the grill on the front.)


  • Cardboard
  • Corrugated fiber board
  • Pieces of brown paper stuck to each other(AKA cardboard)
  • Time


  • Hot glue gun
  • Clothespins(optional)
  • mask(optional)

Step 1: Finding a Good Design.

From what I saw there are two popular types of a cassis crista. One with a metal fin and one with a plum of unspecified hair. I made one with a fin. For a plume you can cut a piece of paper into a frill but we won't do that until later. If you come across a good design keep it!. If you want to make your own if you write it down on paper it helps. I built mine without paper or a reference just based off of memory. The design I made was surprisingly easy it just came down to gluing that I had a problem.

Step 2: Building the Frame.

Quick disclaimer:While I have actually made the helmet out of card board I didn't take any pictures. The photos will show me making it out of paper.

The card board should be in a rectangle shape and be the height of your chin to the top of your head. It should be able to wrap around your head if not add a second rectangle using the hot glue gun. Make sure it is some what loose around your head or it will be difficult to put on and will squish your face(my friend once made an awesome helmet but it was too tight so no one could wear it without getting their nose squished.)

Step 3: Building the Top.

Next cut out another piece of cardboard. It should be a rectangle and about the same size as the first rectangle you made(if using the 2 piece frame design.)Then bend it and attach the back two corners to the frame on the front. Next add a rectangle to the back of the frame. Glue it down and trim the corners so it matches the frame shape and boom! you're almost done!

Step 4: Take a Break.

While you are waiting for the glue to dry go outside. Take a break. If I go outside I always wear a mask for 3 reasons. 1. Covid-19, Please be safe and wear a mask. 2. I live in Washington and right now there is a TON of fires going on. They are far away but the smoke blows towards were I live and it makes it so currently according to the WAQA index the air is HAZARDOUS. 3. If you don't wear a mask everyone will know your superhero identity.

Step 5: The Fin... OF DOOM!

Now, this is the only part that I genuinely had trouble with. Even after modification after modification it is still super fragile. What you want to do first is build a base. Start by filling the gaps on the open spot from the rim. Start by putting a rectangle of cardboard and then put two small triangles next to it.

Step 6: The Fin... OF DOOM! Pt. 2

Time to actually build to fine. First cut out the shape you want to use for your fin. Then use that to cut out the second one. Then use a glued-on rectangle to stick them together. You will want to continue to put rectangles on it till it is fully patched together. Then put a rectangle on the bottom and glue that to the base.

Step 7: The Finish.

Now for the last step. Get either a skewer or a pencil and poke lots of holes in the front. Do it in a grid or just scatter them. Just go crazy with it!

Step 8: Go Kick That Thraexs Butt!

Have fun fighting with it. Just one thing first if you are going to use it to play you might want to remove the fin or else it will come off over and over again. That's all! Please vote for me in the recycled contest!

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