Introduction: Epic Kart of Awesomeness!!!!!!!


Are you tired of looking down upon your Lego collection, and think to yourself "Im missing something....but what?!?!"


All of your minifig's will be in AWE once they take a glimpse of the awesomeness that is this kart

Its so awesome, i shrunk myself down, and into Lego form JUST TO DRIVE THIS KART!!!!

Step 1: Supplies to Achieve Greatness!!

Obviously you can pick any color you want of the pieces(I don't suggest that tho, wont be as EPICLY AWESOME as this one)

1.One 4x4 plate

2. Eight 1x4 plates

3. Two leveled axle pieces

4. Two clear wedges

5. Two 1x2 bricks

6. Two clear red studs

7. One seat

8. Four rims/tires

9. Two 1x4 flat plates

10. One computer

11. One steering wheel

Step 2: Let the Assembling the Kart of Awesomeness Commence!!!!

Huzzah!!!! You have made it to the beginning of an amazing journey where you will test your ability to snap Lego pieces together

You will need to gather six of your 1x4 plates, and your 4x4 plate, and arrange the middle pieces where two studs pop out on each side (axles will be placed there). Once you have finished dancing about your ability to snap Lego pieces together, while following instructions, fill in the remainder of the grey void with the other two plates

Step 3: Where Rubber Meets the Plastic!

Success! You have built the base of your epic kart!! Pat yourself on the back! but not too hard, still a long way to go sport. Now we want this to roll around, right? Well if you don't congrats on wasting your time. If you DO want you kart to roll around, you will want to assemble the wheels and rims together (I took care of that before hand), and then snap them to the axles

Step 4: Rolling Chassis?! I THINK SO!!!

Now for the fun part! Let's get that kart looking like a winner! Now earlier on the chassis we put together, we had the 1x4's sticking out front, now we make that disappear! Snap the newly built axles on top of the green pieces sticking out. Now we are getting somewhere!!!

Step 5: Let There Be Side Rails!

Its looking better and better each step am i right or what?! Of Course I am right,  i'm making this tutorial aren't I? Anyways, let us make sure they do not fall out of their epic kart, and construct some side rails! Ok remember all the snapping of Lego pieces together you did? Great, cause that will come in handy, grab the last two 1x4's, and merge them with the flat 1x4's, then place them on the sides of the kart

Step 6: Where Am I Supposed to Sit and Steer?!

Excellent question!!! You get a answer to your question: you  the seat of course!! Use that Lego snapping skill of yours, and place the seat on the gray part of the chassis, and the steering wheel right in front of it!

Step 7: Captain, I Have No Idea How Fast We Are Going!!

First off, im not a captain, but thank you. Second what it sounds like you need, is a speedo! No no no, not the swimsuit, a speedometer! grab your 2 1x2 brick's, and place them parallel with the steering wheel, leaving 2 open studs in front ( thats where the lights go) . Then simply snap the speedometer near the steering wheel

Step 8: I Can See the Light!!!!!

Almost near the end!!! Looking pretty snappy, right? Well if you were following this guide, then yes. Now to attatch the headlights/taillights. Use the snapping abilty you have used so well so far ,and grab the two clear wedge pieces, and snap them in front, and the red in the rear, not the other way around 

Step 9: Mission Accomplished!!!!!

HIP HIP HOORAY!!!! You've don't it! You've made the most epic and powerful of all karts! Didn't know it was powerful? Thought so, I did not mention it till this point because of its potential. But to unlock its power, you must discover it for yourself. Now, go out there and show off you epic Lego kart!