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In this instructable, I am sharing some of my craft fails. There are some projects which worked out for others but didn't work for me due to some reasons and some projects are my own idea which I thought will work but have failed when put into actual experimenting. Let's see what are they.

Step 1: Inko Dye T-shirt

Once I got the inko dye kit , I used a tea towel and cut paper letters to block sun to create a inko dye tea towel. It turned out quite nice except for some uneven patches of white here and there. So I imagined a design in my head with the plastic doilies to make a inko dyed t-shirt and got into action. I don't know what went wrong ,the t-shirt did not turn out as I imagined instead it was a big mess. May be I didn't apply the dye evenly or is it something to do with the dye ? I tried another one and failed again. (I didn't take a picture of it).Atleast for me, most of the times , it is always the first try that turns out to be good compared to the second, third ,etc. Does this happen to any of you, or only me ?

Step 2: The Most Popular Glitter Bowl & Confetti Bowl Failed

I did not do anything differently , I just followed the procedure .Mixed modpodge and glitter and for confetti bowl I applied the modpodge sprinkled the confetti over the balloon and repeated the step once the layer is dry. I did three layers and once it is dry , I bursted the balloon with a pin. The glitter bowl got shrunk and the balloon did not come out and for confetti bowl the whole bowl got collapsed. May be I should let it dry for more days!!! :(

Step 3: Air Dry Clay Cookie Jar

I had an idea to make a santa hat cookie jar. I planned to cover a metal container with air dry clay and mold it to look like a bottom of santa hat and to make the lid like top of the santa hat. I had this doubt already whether the clay will be compatible with metal container. I did many search but couldn't find an answer but I did came to know that many metal wires are used as armature in sculpting dolls using clay. So I went ahead to give a try.

When I molded the clay on to the metal container, it was perfect. I also made sure there was no air pockets and I was happy that it was easy to mold and turned out perfect but when I saw the crack next morning I was totally upset that I did not think about the shrinkage of the clay . After this I also tested wrapping a piece of clay on to paper roll and again it cracked . So I thought the reason is shrinkage but I am not sure about it . This was a very recent fail , I still did not find time to test the idea with some other brand of clay. But the santa hat lid, turned out okay compared to the container. There was a little cracks near the ball but other than that the lid was good.If you have any idea on how it makes this work, share it in the comments below.

Step 4: Travel Pillow Experiment

I will not say this is a fail but it was not up to my expectation level. I drafted a pattern , cut and stitched it and the final result was a big travel pillow.I wanted a small and comfortable travel pillow like the ones you see in the stores. I wasn't sure about the measurements then when I went shopping , I took a note of the actual travel pillow measurements found in the stores and then redrafted the whole pattern to make it looks like store bought travel pillow . You can find the complete instructable of how to make the travel pillow , here. I can hear you saying " you should have done that before making your first trial " but you know when you get an idea that you wanted to try out immediately and then realize later that you should have done some research before starting . It was one such thing.

Step 5: Soy Candle Making

I have shared the each fail I experienced in soy candle making in detail in another instructable, here.

Step 6: Some Other Fails Without Pictures

There are some other fails for which I didn't take pictures, wish I knew there will be contest to showcase fails so that I would have taken pictures ;) Don't ask me how you took picture of other fails.Sometimes if I have too many things going on at the same time , I switch to the next thing when something doesn't work out so I forget to take the picture of fails.

1) I did atleast three trials to make a shrink dink rings, but every time I tried to bend the ring ,it broke :(

2) I tried to make a french knitting tool with tooth picks to achieve small stitches but I couldn't even do a single row . The tooth picks broke easily . (I kept my dozen of bobby pins somewhere so i thought tooth picks will be a replacement but it did not work ).

So I hope you got a chance to learn something from my epic craft fails. If you liked ,please vote for me in "Epic fail" contest. As always I would love to hear any suggestions to make these ideas work. I always say to myself that failure is a part of the success process , so it is nothing wrong in failing. What are your policies that you follow when a project fails? share them in the comments below.

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