Introduction: Epoxy Globe

Hi All,

Today we will be making an epoxy globe.


1.Epoxy- the brand I'm using its ArtResin. Its self leveling with a simple 1:1 mixture and requires no buffing or sanding so it's great for beginners and advanced likewise.
2. Mixing cup - in my case I used 2 normal plastic cups
3.mixing stick
4.Silicone Mold - a simple search on Ebay/ Amazon or such will give you the results needed.
5.trinkets. inside the globe I will be placing several trinkets that I found around the house.
6.A small vase. I will be using this as a stand for the globe

Step 1: Preparing the Epoxy

Start by putting epoxy in 2 mixing cups in equal measure.
Then pour the contents from one glass to another.
I found out if you put the glass with epoxy in hot water and slowly mixing it will get the best results. Mixing time 3 minutes
After mixing remove it from the water and let it sit for 5 minutes

Step 2: Preparing the Trinkets and the Mold and Epoxy Filling

Take the bottom half of the mold and put a small amount of epoxy around 10 mm fill
Start arranging the trinkets you choose inside the mold
If you will be as me placing quite a few elements inside the globe the gradually pour epoxy, it will act a glue and will keep everything nicely in place.
Gradually fill the bottom half of the mould till it reaches the edge.
Carefully place the top part of the mould .
Use some tape to seal around the middle.
The mold on top will have a hole from where you can pour the epoxy.
While pouring the epoxy do it slowly in small amounts, patience is the key.
The epoxy is self leveling and will arrange itself if you allow it to do.
Once the mold is filled leave it for around 7 hours - the manufacturer says 24 hour to harden and 48 hours to completely cure but in my experience after 12 hours is ready.

Step 3: Final Step

While you let the epoxy cure best advice is to clean your tools
After 7 hours touch the mold and feel if it's hard enough to remove it
Remove the globe from the mould , place on the little vase and voila you have homemade epoxy globe.

Step 4:

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