Introduction: Rainbow Resin Galaxy by "Lanchen Designs"

About: Greetings space cadets!! My name is Lanchen and I am a multi- media artist who has dedicated my life to exploring the cosmos one painting at a time! Check out more art at @lanchendesigns or my Youtube: Lanche…

    There are many unique ways to create the cosmos through art but this has got to be my favorite. Resin has allowed me to create space art that is one of a kind, glow in the dark, realistic, vibrant and full of depth that makes you feel as if you are staring into a photo of deep space.



      • Mas Epoxies Art Pro
      • 10 x 10 x 1.5" Gallery Profile Wood Panel
      • Liquitex Acrylic Ink


      • Measuring Cups
      • Mixing Sticks
      • Heat dryer or Torch
      • Silicone Mat
      • Plastic Table Cover
      • Respirator Mask
      • Gloves
      • Small Cups to balance art on while pouring


      • Painters Tape


      • Storage Container to Protect Art

      Step 1: Prep Your Work Space!

      Choose a spot near an outlet if you are using a heat gun!! Lay down your plastic table cover and silicone mat on table large enough to hold your art and its supplies. Set up in a secluded area where people won't be walking by to avoid from dust being kicked around while pouring, a closed off room is preferred. Choose all your desired paints, count the cups you will need along with the mixing sticks and put everything else that isn't needed away.

      Step 2: Create Your Space Base

      You can either paint your wood panel black with stars or pour black resin on it and add stars later. Both options give you different results so the choice is yours to make and play around with!

      Step 3: Tape Off Your Wood Panel

      Choose where you would like to keep the resin from touching before you begin your pour. You can tape the sides or just tape the bottom!!

      Step 4: Safety First!

      Resin is very toxic when heated with paints so its important you pour your resin in a room away from others with ventilation. Wear a respirator to protect yourself, gloves and even clear sunnies!

      Step 5: Create Your Resin Mixture!

      Be sure to follow all the instructions that come with your resin before you start pouring!!

      My favorite brand of resin is Mas Art pro because of the long work time and liquid like texture. Its always best to get great resin from the start to get the best results!

      Step 6: Add Color to Your Resin!!

      Choose your favorites colors and add them to your resin!

      You can use powders, acrylics, inks the choice is yours but just make sure when adding your color to your resin make sure to keep in mind the 10% paint to resin ratio for best results.

      Be sure to keep some extra resin to the side that is clear just in case you need it for any mistakes!

      Step 7: Begin Your Pour!!

      Go with the flow, use colors wisely and manipulate where the resin goes to create a cosmo of your liking. You can use a heat gun, torch, hands, mixing sticks, tooth picks! Get creative with the tools you use to move your resin around!! Also, Astrophotography can be of great use to you during this Time If you need some inspiration!

      Step 8: Remove All the Air Bubbles With Heat Dryer or Torch.

      Let your resin sit to give the bubbles time to rise and then torch or use a heat dryer to remove them. I find either work just fine!

      Step 9: Place Your Art in Your Container to Dry for 24 Hours!

      This is the final step, make sure there is no dust floating around in your painting prior to placing it in your container and if there is pick it out with a toothpick. Once you've checked it throughly you can put it away to dry and make sure it is level so the resin doesn't move!!

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