Introduction: Epoxy Table Small Scale

This project will show you how to do a small scale epoxy pour. I used a sample kit I got from this kit has everything all ready divided out. A very simple process and a great way to try it without spending big bucks on it. The kit will have enough product to do a board 1 foot by 2 foot or 2 square feet. I suggest you spend some time watching videos. watch some of the things they do. come up with a plan of what you want to do this will give you time to gather all the materials that are not included in the kit. all the materials I used to do this project are listed below. There is a Youtube video that shows the whole process Here is the link



one Metallic Epoxy Sample Kit (

one mdf board 1'x2' ( round the edges for better result)

one can of white spray paint

one brush (a cheap painter one will do)

Door shims ( to level the board before you start )

one spray bottle

91 % isopropyl alcohol

rubber gloves one pair

a area to do the project and let it sit for 2 days min.

one level

Step 1: Step 1: Prep Your Board

The very first thing you need to do is prep you board and work area. Take the board and round all the edges and corners. This will help the epoxy run over the edges. I used sand paper and just scuffed the corner. This was not enough I should of used a router and round over bit. this would of worked out a lot better. After your board has been prepped and cleaned very good. Make sure you get all the dust off. Now we need to Level the board. It must be level in all directions, otherwise the epoxy will run off the board before it sets up. I made a stand for the board to set on this makes it easy to level. a pic of it is shown above. the door shims can be placed under the stand to get you perfect on level. trust me take your time on this part if you dont it will ruin the design. Trash bags under the stand will help with any that spills off the board. The main thing you need to remember is Once the board is level and set up it will need to stay there for at least two days with no movement if it moves before it is cured it may ruin the design.

Step 2: Step 2: Base Coat

Once you are done with the Prep work and you have the design in mind now we can start on the mixing . the sample kit has everything in pre messured cups they are labeled part A and Part b . Make sure you are not using the cups that say Highlights. pour the part b into the cup that says part A . and use the stick to stir. you need to stir it for a good 60 sec. make sure you get the sides of the cup and the bottom. after this add your base pigment. this will the main color on the board. i went with black. you can choose different colors when you purchase the kit. stir in the pigment in slowly at first. keep stiring till it is mixed good i stirred it at a quick pace for about 60 sec.

Step 3: Step 3: Base Coat Pour

Now the Fun Begins Very slowly pour the base coat out on to the board. pour it in the middle of the board and work out ward. stay away from the edge. once you get it all out of the cup you can scrape the side of the cups as long as you mixed it good . now take the brush and start to pull the epoxy around the board. pull the product to the edge. ITWILL RUN OFF THE EDGE THATS OK try to get it moved around the whole board. then you can take the brush and do the edges make sure they are all coated once you get it covered now time for the highlight.

Step 4: Step 4: Highlight Mixing

The highlight epoxy mixing is the same as the base. mix the epoxy up and pour it on the base coat in any pattern you want. I blended the highlight and base coat with my fingers just remember dont over work it. To put it simple smear it together and once you have covered all the highlight and base just stop. the epoxy will self level when it does it will soften every line in it . now you have a choice you can add the spray paint or stop and move on to the isopropyl alcohol The spray paint will be covered in the next step (Step 5) The alcohol will be Step 6

Step 5: Step 5: Spray Paint Method

This step is up to you. i wanted to try it so i will pass the info on for you to decide .

Take the Spray Paint and a cup spray the paint into the cup i used a old rag to cover the cup while i sprayed it. once you have a good amount of liquid in the cup. pour it onto the board. this stuff is very thin i added more than i really want to. so be careful you can always add more you cant take it away. use your fingers to spread it around

Step 6: Step 6: Isopropyl Alcohol

The last step is up to you also i did it because i wanted the stone look. take a spray bottle with 91%

isopropyl alcohol (dont use any thing less than 91 % to watered down ) adjust your spray you are looking for mid sized drops. with a light touch spray the board allowing the drops to fall onto the board i sprayed it from about 3 foot off the top of the board. above is a pic of part of the board done and part not sprayed after it is sprayed your done sit back enjoy your work. well now you have to wait i waited 2 days it cured up very well in that time. if you add the spray paint it will take longer to cure. you can use any shape board you want as long as it is 2 square foot

Step 7: Useful Info

Leggari has a lot of useful info on their youtube channel. go there check them out to get ideas i was amazed at what all they can do. and the fact of the sample kit tells me they really want to see people and diyers use their product check them out it is worth it. i have plans to do a full countertop later this year so i will post that when i do. thanks for checking out this and go have some fun