Introduction: Eraser Novelty Pot

About: I have a bearded dragon called Rango!!

Step 1: Pot

You normally get mini marshmallows in here. Eat all the candy and then wash it out!

Step 2: Erasers

Buy the cheapest colourful erasers from a local shop or a stationary section of a shop.

Step 3: Others

You can buy other hinge to put in as well, but only if it stays with the subject erasers and stationary.

Step 4:

Step 5: Sticker

Remove any tags or stickers that might be on the pot

Step 6:

You should have loads of small erasers!

Step 7: Special

And one special thing for the top

Step 8: Filling

Drop them in until they have nearly reached the top!!!

Step 9:

Step 10:

Add the special thing at the top

Step 11: All Done!!!

Close the lid and ur all done!!! (Ur pot should be full!!!) U can use it if u need to use an eraser