Introduction: Eraser USB Thumb Drive

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Have you ever been using your eraser, and then suddenly you feel the need to copy something to your USB thumb drive? If only you could remember where you put it! But then you suddenly remember—it's right under your nose! In this handy instructable I'll be showing you how to embed a USB thumb drive into an eraser. You'll never be searching for it again!

(Thanks to Nutshell Engineering for the original idea:

Step 1: Supplies

You will need...

-an eraser

-a fairly small USB thumb drive

-an X-Acto knife

-a pen or pencil

Step 2: Draw a Cut-line

Take your pen or pencil and draw a line where the casing meets the eraser. This is the line we'll be cutting along.

Step 3: Cut Along Your Line

With your X-Acto knife, cut through the eraser just before your cut-line. This ensures that the "cap" sits snugly in the casing.

Step 4: Trace the Mouth of Your Drive

Trace the mouth of your USB thumb drive onto the center of the "cap". Do the same for the "body".

Step 5: Cut Out Your Tracings

Using your X-Acto knife, dig out a hole in both the "cap" and "body". The volume of the holes combined should be slightly larger than the volume of your drive, so that the eraser doesn't crack.

Step 6: Add Your Drive

All you need to do now is fit the bottom end of your USB thumb drive into the "body", and fit the other end into the "cap". Presto! You're Eraser USB Thumb Drive is complete! Now, what was it that I needed to copy...

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