Introduction: Ergonomic Drill Pen (Diamond Painting)

I've had tons of inquiries anytime I have my drill pen in my Diamond Painting pictures so I figured I'd whip up a quick tutorial on how I made it while I finally mate my 3-placer version. It is super-duper simple, but if you don't want to make one yourself you can contact me and I'll make one for you!


  • I have these ergonomic pencils that I used as my base. There are other options on Amazon that are also pens, I assume they would work as well but can't say for sure.
  • Placer head of choice (It is easy enough to swap them out so no need to commit 100%)

Step 1: Remove Cap

Pop off the triangular nose piece. This can be a bit tough, but I promise it is the hardest part. I ended up putting my tweezers under it and it popped off well enough (after I stabbed myself in the finger first...)

Step 2: Separate

Separate everything that you can. If you are using the pencils I linked then you will have the body, the white tube that's flat on one end, the triangular tip, and the pencil core. You won't need the tip or the pencil so you can set those aside and grab whichever placer head you want.

Step 3: Assemble

The placer head should fit right into the white tube that came out of the pencil in the last step. Slide the tube back into the body with the flat side toward the flat finger rest and that is literally all there is to it! The tip is more exposed on the single placer but I don't personally mind; it doesn't have to be pretty!

Let me know if you have any questions or need help! You can shoot me an email at and I'll help with what I can.

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