Introduction: Erwin Rommel's Iconic Hat

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We will turn this East German hat into Rommel's iconic hat or at least try.
I want to transform this without destroying the original hat.

Step 1: Supplies

•Peak cap close to Rommel's
•Clear plastic
•Strap or shoelace
•Yankee candle spray cap
•Aluminum tape
•White tape
•Red marker
•Aluminum can
•Pictures for references

Step 2: Hat

From Photos I've seen it seems his hat was green but some show it grey. I went with grey because the hat I bought was $25 so I couldn't refuse.
The hat is an East German officer cap.
The second picture is a replica you can buy but I don't have that kind of money so I decided to make it myself. Rommel's has gold braids but I can't find anyway to make gold ones so I'll leave it silver.

Step 3: Goggles

Rommel's goggles were WW2 British eye shields and though they are for sale I rather save as much money as possible. I found a sheet of clear plastic that I traced a rough shape of the goggles. The strip of cloth is from old shorts and you just staple them on the plastic. I stapled the straps on cause I couldn't figure out anything else.

Step 4: Pins:Wreath

Now I don't own any Nazi pins so this was the tricky part, I only have 2 GDR pins that look like them. I took my GDR pin and cut a Yankee candle spray bottle cap to give it a blank center. I put white tape on it and colored it with red sharpie. I then got tin foil tape and pressed it on the pin to get the impression on the foil for a good circle. I them put the tape on and cut the edges. lastly I pressed the cap on the pin. With this cover I can keep the original pin undamaged.

Step 5: Pins:Nazi Bird

I had to make a Nazi eagle pin from scratch. First I traced my eastern airlines pin for size and shape. I then transfered it to aluminum from a soda can. I left out all the detail cause I'm fine with the simplicity. Pin it to the hat and your done.

Step 6: Conclusion

After you put everything together you should have a familiar looking peak cap. You can always add more detail to this but I was satisfied with how mine turned out. Now go command the German Afrika Korps in your panzer Kommendant.