Introduction: Escape the Building: Clue Hunt

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Hello my name is Avroh and I am entering the 6th grade.

In this instructable you learn how to make a clue hunt in order to escape the building/house. This is really fun, to make, and escape with!!!


  1. Sheets of Paper
  2. Pen/Marker
  3. Building Key
  4. Scissors
  5. Tape - helps to place things and fasten them
  6. String - helps to hang things
  7. Accessories (e.g UV flashlight, furniture, books, hidden compartments, ect...)

Step 1: Choosing a Theme/escapee

In this step you will choose a theme for your clue hunt.

You will choose a question theme. A question theme is the theme that your questions follow, here are some possible options:

  • Rhyming
  • Quotes
  • Based from a book
  • Start with the same word
  • A mix
  • And more...

You will choose a theme for the hunt:

  • Using information from a book
  • A mix of themes/no themes
  • Occasion
  • And more...

You will choose the person(s) to escape:

  • It could be their b-day
  • Anniversary
  • Person who has read a series of books/movies/knows a lot on a topic (you could use quotes or change up language from it)
  • And More...

Put pen to paper and write it down!!!

Step 2: Making Clues

In this step you will use the paper, pen, and scissors, Take the paper and cut each sheet into thirds, I cut three papers to make nine small sheets.

Then number your clues starting with zero.

Then write your clues using the theme you chose. Make sure each clue points towards an object, piece of furniture, or a room. Some examples are like this:

1. The dead defy thy name, lift the sofa of its gain, the penniless don't get fame, the lion is hard to tame.

  • This signifies going to the living room and lifting up the sofa to find the next clue- the penniless don't get fame means that the bottom of the legs have pennies on them, and the lion is hard to tame means that it is a really heavy sofa that is hard to lift.

2. The tortoise is faster than the hair

  • This means that there is a tortoise object with a lot of hair near it- there would be some sort of hidden compartment to open it up and the clue would be inside (if you noticed I mispelled hare)

3. The next clue awaits unseen hidden away from the king/queen, Now please don't move please just think, Reveal this clue with the right light for invisible ink

  • You would use invisible ink and write a hidden clue on that note- remember if you do this to place a UV flashlight in the same room!!!

And more... The photo details the tortoise object and the clues I made

Do this until all the clues have been labeled, make the last clue show where the key is.

Step 3: Hiding/placing Clues and the Key

Place the first clue in a spot. You have to give a hint for this with words, or something you make up. From then on place a clue that follows the idea of the clue before it. Place the key where the last clue says to put it. Try not to make it too obvious and make sure you escapee doesn't cross over your clue before it is supposed to happen.

Watch the videos to see how/where I placed my clues!

One fun thing to watch is when your escapee is trying to find the right keyhole!!! :)

Step 4: Putting It in Action

Your clue hunt should go really well, and make good memories- in quarantine I have done one for my parents Wedding anniversary golden jubilee, and my sisters half b-day. It is really fun, and I hope you like it.

If you want you can watch the two videos of how my escape the house: clue hunt went. (I did it with my dad, and I thank him for doing it with me)

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